7 November 2012

Featured Website - demi-coques.fr

Rob Humphrey's designed One Tonner Juno - 1989 Admiral's Cup (GBR)
I came across this website www.demi-coques.fr as its author 'Chorus' has compiled an interesting archive of yachts from the IOR era and he is a regular contributor to Sailing Anarchy forums. 

His website is written in Francais, but a translation function allows English readers to discern most of what is being said in his articles. One that caught my eye was a feature on the designs of Phillipe Briand, which I always thought were some of the prettiest of the period, such as the One Tonner Passion 2, winner of the 1984 One Ton Cup. 

'Chorus' has also taken an interest in my book "A Lighter Ton", or "Une Tonne Legere", and has provided a French translation of Chapters 9 and 10 (these chapters are about the 1977 New Zealand One Ton, Half Ton and Southern Cross Cup trials, and the Cup series themselves) - look under the tab "Articles voile".

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