2 March 2013

Featured Photos - 1983 and 1984 SORC

This is the second installment of photographs of some US and European yachts competing in the Southern Ocean Racing Conference (SORC) in 1983 and 1984 (the first installment was in December 2012). The photos have featured in a number of threads by Larry Moran (Chicago) on the Sailing Anarchy forums. Larry was an active semi-professional yachting photographer at the time, and has kindly granted permission to post some of my favourite images from his collection.

Thunderbolt, Nelson-Marek 41 (Rodney Wallace), 32.1ft IOR, 5th in Class D and 22nd overall, seen here in the St Petersburg to Ft Lauderdale race (photo Larry Moran, Chicago)
Pied Piper, Peterson 43 (Serendipity design, owned by Richard Jennings), 33.1ft IOR, 4th in Class D and 19th overall, St Petersburg to Ft Lauderdale race, 1984 (photo Larry Moran)
Bravura, Frers 46 (Irving Loube), 35.4ft IOR, 8th in Class C and 34th overall (photo Larry Moran)
Merrythought, Frers 45 (Jack King), 34.4ft IOR, seen here competing in Class 1 in the 1983 series (photo Larry Moran)
Zero (photo Larry Moran)
Pied Piper (photo Larry Moran)
Evergreen - Frers 45, here in the 1983 Miami-Nassau Race (photo Larry Moran)
Gauntlet, Kaufman 45 (G Freidrichs), 34.6ft IOR, 9th in Class C and 31st overall (photo Larry Moran)
Infinity - Holland 47, 36.2ft IOR, John Thomson - seen here competing in Class B in the Miami to Nassau Race 1983 (photo Larry Moran)
Secret Love, Peterson 45 (B Herman and Lowell North), 34.7ft IOR, winner of Class C and 8th overall, seen here in the St Petersburg to Ft Lauderdale race 1984 (photo Larry Moran)

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