18 September 2013

Rubin VIII & Saudade (Judel/Vrolijk One Tonners)

Saudade was a One Ton design from the German design duo of Judel/Vrolijk, one of a series of boats of this size that developed from the success of their earlier Sudpack during the 1984 One Ton Cup, and from the bigger Container and Pinta designs. Compared to its 43 foot predecessors, the new One Ton design utilised a lower beam to length ratio for better performance in light airs. With a change to the stability factor in the IOR, the new boat retained the same stability as Sudpack, with an optimised sail to hull ratio of 16.11, near to the maximum under IOR before penalties would be incurred. The boat was designed to rate at the One Ton limit of 30.5ft, but could be optimised down to 30.3ft for the Admiral's Cup. 

The first boat to the new design was finished at the end of 1984 as Rubin VIII (G-3388), the latest in a long line of boats owned by German yachtsman Hans-Otto Schumann to carry the Rubin name. In keeping with Schumann's fascination with the technology of fast boats, he fitted an elliptical keel, based on concepts tested at Heidelberg University. Rubin VIII joined the German team for the 1985 Admiral's Cup, alongside the 44ft Diva G and another new One Tonner Outsider. Rubin VIII was considered to have a smoother shape than Outsider, and to be a better all-rounder and less cranky in fresh downwind conditions.   
Rubin VIII demonstrating her upwind form (above) and downwind (below)

Both Outsider and Rubin VIII sailed a patchy series in the 1985 One Ton Cup in Poole, the month before the Admiral's Cup, but had managed a first and second between them during the five race series. However, the German team put together a solid performance in the Admiral's Cup to successfully defend their previous win in 1983. 

Deck plan of Rubin VIII
In a reversal of pre-regatta form and predictions, Outsider was the top German yacht, finishing second overall, while Rubin VIII also placed strongly and together they were able to overcome the handicap of the larger Diva G in a series where the smaller boats dominated.
Outsider - second overall and the top German boat in the 1985 Admiral's Cup
The new Rubin IX (G-1919)

Rubin IX during the 1986 Sardinia Cup
For the 1987 Admiral's Cup Schumann elected to commission a larger 43 foot sister to the new Pinta (Rubin IX), while Albert Bull built a new One Tonner Saudade, as an update of the earlier Rubin VIII.  The boat was wintered in Palma, Mallorca, which allowed the crew to work up her speed in 15-20 knots, and she made the German team, alongside the new One Ton Container and the latest Diva. 
Saudade powers upwind (photo Peter Neumann)
But the German effort came adrift midway through the series, with the third race being disastrous for the team's hoped-for defence. Saudade followed Diva's error at the fourth mark, when helmsman Uwe Mares underestimated the tide and brushed the buoy. When the crew re-rounded they managed to interfere with several other yachts. Back in the jury room Saudade dropped from 26th to 42nd. The team finished fifth overall, while Saudade was 15th yacht in the individual standings.
Saudade can be seen here in the middle of a crowded startline during the 1987 Admiral's Cup
Saudade after the finish of the 1987 Fastnet Race, with team-mate Diva G in the background (photo Shockwave40 blogspot)
Saudade went on to race in the 1987 One Ton Cup, where she finished in 24th place in the 34 boat fleet.
Above and below - cockpit details of Saudade (photos courtesy of Ian Watson)

Saudade is still sailing and maintained in good condition, as seen below, and carries the Heatwave name, having been bought by the yachtsman who had owned the ex-New Zealand One Tonner featured in the previous post.


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