2 October 2013

Linda (Sciomachen One Tonner)

Linda was a One Tonner designed by Ernest Sciomachen, who had also designed the fast 36 footer Settima Strega. She was constructed by Fausto Mondini with the Groupe Baldini in laminated wood reinforced with carbon fibre. She won Class 3 of the 1981 Italian National Championship, and again in 1983, and in between she won Alassio Week in 1982 and Week of the Mouths in Porto Cervo the same year.

After cancellation of the One Ton Cup in 1982 due to insufficient entries, the Offshore Racing Council decided that the only way to revitalise the Cup was to change the maximum rating from 27.5ft to 30.5ft IOR. However, this could not be done until 1984 as the Cup was scheduled to be held in 1983 in Brazil, and there were some yachts being built specially for the event.

Linda was not built for the series but made the trip to Brazil, with Italian 12-metre skipper Mauro Pellaschier helming the boat. In the end, English designer Tony Castro was somewhat unlucky to not win the Cup with the Hong Kong entry Sunstreaker, which lost a much disputed protest arising from the short offshore race, which she had won by 5 minutes. As a result of the protest she lost six places and fell back to a disappointing third place overall, handing the One Ton Cup to Linda. The Frers designed Califa from Argentina took second place. 

Linda during the 1983 One Ton Cup (above and below)

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