31 May 2014

Howzat - nearing completion

Howzat, a Paul Whiting-designed Half Tonner from 1976, is nearing the end of a major restoration by her original owner. She recently emerged from her temporary shed at The Landings in Okahu Bay, Auckland, sporting a gleaming hull finish that reinstates her original red topsides and white stripes. 

Above and below - Howzat is picked up ready to be attached to her new keel (photos by Giles Grigg)

The original long sloping transom has been straightened up a little, providing more cockpit space, and a new bulb keel and deeper rudder have been fitted. A new rig is also expected to be fitted soon, and will be taller than her original.

Keel and rudder fitted - the transom has been straightened but the original IOR lines of this Whiting classic still remain evident, including the knuckle bow and pronounced 'chines' around the for'ard depth measurement points (photo RB Sailing)
The history of Howzat can be seen here.

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