25 November 2014

Flirt of Paget - sailing again

After an incredible five year restoration, Flirt of Paget, a Holland 40ft ex-Admiral's Cupper (ex-New Zealand yacht Spritzer) has been relaunched during the past European summer. Congratulations to Lars Klingstrom who has applied an incredible level of workmanship to this project. That work can be seen in Lars' updates through Sailing Anarchy, and on the Swedish website blur.se. The earlier history of Flirt can be seen here.

Flirt of Paget's kauri timber topsides are gleaming after a painstaking restoration effort


  1. Hrmmm, I wonder who took the photo above?? Thanks for the nice attention here, make me happy //FOP

  2. What a nice new video for an old IOR boat !
    Always glad to see such IOR restauration !
    If i could get some plan i could try to draw a nice half hull of this holland who is like a small big apple ;)