26 January 2015

One Ton Cup 1975 - Dockside photos

Following my recent article regarding the 1975 One Ton Cup, I was very pleased to be contacted by US yachtsman and naval architect Steve Kelley, who has kindly provided his gallery of images of a number of the top yachts that contested the series. The images are of excellent quality and provide an interesting view of what were the latest offshore racers of the time.
Above and below - Ted Turner's Vamp, a Doug Peterson design featuring a deep forefoot, straight keel, flat garboards and 'pintail' stern, based on the design that had won the previous edition of the One Ton Cup. Vamp finished third in the One Ton North Americans, before her sixth place in the One Ton Cup (photos courtesy Steve Kelley)

One Ton Cup winner Pied Piper (and winner of the preceding North American One Ton Championship), another Peterson design - skipper Lowell North sitting to the right (photo courtesy Steve Kelley)

Above and below - George Tooby's Scott Kaufman design America Jane III. She was much fancied for the 1975 One Ton Cup, after blasting the competition in the earlier Block Island Race Week in strong conditions that suited the big 38 footer. However she performed weakly in the North American's and nearly missed being invited to the Cup itself. America Jane III bounced back however to finish third overall (photos courtesy Steve Kelley)

View of deck detail - America Jane III
Above and below - another Peterson design, Kindred Spirit, sailed by Bob Bartom and Skip Purcell - note the twin foredeck hatches and inner forestay set on a sliding track. Kindred Spirit finished fourth in the One Ton North Americans, and repeated that placing in the Cup (photos courtesy Steve Kelley)

The crew of Kindred Spirit prepare the yacht for the 1975 One Ton Cup

Above and below - the Ron Holland designed Artemis which finished fifth on the One Ton Cup. Artemis was not shy to apply technological innovations - in addition to her Kevlar reinforced mainsail, she used an innovative and lightweight boom, with hydraulic vang, an inset clew track and powerful Harken mainsheet system (photos courtesy Steve Kelley)

The earlier S&S design America Jane II (above and below) sailed by Burke Sawyer finished 15th overall in the One Ton Cup (photos courtesy Steve Kelley)

And another of Kindred Spirit below:


  1. NIce shots, please any further more ?

  2. Hi Chorus, another couple added for you!

  3. Kindred Spirit! What a wonderful boat. A beautiful little green and wood speedster. Went downwind well too, which one might not expect for a Pintail IOR boat.

  4. Thanks David. Did you compete on Kindred Spirit in the 1975 OTC by chance?