4 September 2015

One Ton Cup 1971 - Part 2

Here is a gallery of colour photos from the 1971 One Ton Cup, which formed part of a feature article in the New Zealand Weekly News, March 1971 (photos taken by Leon Hamlet). An earlier article about this series, the first One Ton Cup under the then new IOR rule, can be seen here.
The New Zealand yacht Runaway, sailing for Germany, sails downwind past islands in the Hauraki Gulf
Wai Aniwa leads the fleet downwind, with Escapade and Apecist to the left and Young Nick to the right
Wai Aniwa works her way through the Rakino passage on the first (short) ocean race - she looked at this stage to be an all-the-way winner of the race, but was becalmed near the finish line and slumped to sixth.
Swiss yacht Joran, foreground, and Wai Aniwa slug it out together during the beat to the weather mark in the third race
Mustang, left, rounds the weather mark in the third race to windward of Apecist (G226) and Maria (A12) on the right
The eventual winner of the Cup, Australia's Stormy Petrel

Sweden's Kishmul to windward of the Italian entry Kerkyra

The start of the 146-mile short ocean race sees Stormy Petrel get the jump on Mustang, Kerkyra, Warri and Wai Aniwa - Wai Aniwa soon after tacked to port and worked the Whangaparaoa shore to take the lead
Young Nick comes in second in the short ocean race

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