4 October 2015

One Ton Revisited 2016

Here's an updated announcement for a European-based One Ton event, which is being promoted by Dutch yachtsman Vincent de Vries, the owner of the Carter design and 'Tina' typeThere are hopes for 30 One Tonners to attend, and all types of One Tonners are welcome, from cruiser/racers from the 60's to the most modern flat out racers from the 90's.

Vincent de Vries Carter-designed One Tonner l'Esprit du Morbihan - originally found as a centreboard ketch and restored to her present glory over five years


  1. Nice Humphries 1tonner Megalopolis for sale in Dublin for anyone interested


  2. I spoke to Vincent and I will try to get Flirt to Breskens next summer, truck her down and sail back... Hopefully the new contact I have with Markus Norlin can encourage them to bring Agnes too. Hope to see more then 20 yachts at the 1-ton cup next year. //FOP

  3. That's great Lars, it should be a great series!