10 January 2016

CGI (Andrieu One Tonner)

This article features two French One Tonners from the 1987 and 1989 period, designed by Daniel Andrieu and sponsored by French company CGI (Credit General Industriel). Both were built by Jeanneau Advanced Techniques. 

The first CGI (F-9213) was a development of Cifraline, featuring the signature trademark of the Andrieu IOR yachts of the period, with characteristic oval cabin windows and a gently curved sheerline that merged to an elegantly rounded transom. 

While showing promise in the early stages of the 1987 season, in light airs, she missed selection for the French Admiral's Cup team for 1987 (finishing fifth in the French trials, of 11 yachts) and was chartered by the Belgian team for the 1987 Admiral's Cup. CGI 87 finished as the best placed of that team, at 30th overall (26/24/36/32/21), but the rest of the team (Val Maubuee and Port du Crouesty) were lacklustre, and the team was well off the pace, finishing last.

 The second CGI (F-8907) was less recognisable as an Andrieu yacht, with a straighter transom design that responded to the IOR rule changes to the measurement of the after girth station for the 1989 season, and with a windowless cabin top. 

CGI 89 started with a fourth in Spi Ouest France, but was a lowly 20th in the 1989 One Ton Cup held in Naples. She was selected for the French Admiral's Cup team for the 1989 Admiral's Cup, and contributed to the team's fourth place of the team (alongside Corum 89 and Xeryus de Givenchy), finishing 17th yacht overall (23/7/42/26/25/11). Her result was bolstered by strong showings in the offshore events (the Channel Race and Fastnet Race), but with average placings inshore, and a disastrous last place in the second inshore race (following a penalty). 
CGI approaching Lymington Marina during the 1989 Admiral's Cup (photo Shockwave40 blog)

CGI 89 became Argonaut and competed in the 1990 One Ton Cup in Marstrand, Sweden. 


  1. Nice to see a new update, I check your blog frequently and always appreciate your work and efforts to present highlights of the IOR era. I don't remember any posts about German Frers Moonduster and the Holland 50 ft Born Free, both cold-molded and really good looking. //FOP

  2. Hi Lars, thanks for your comment. I've added a shot of Moonduster here http://rbsailing.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/admirals-cup-1981-race-2.html, but don't have anything on Born Free sorry.
    How is Flirt going?

  3. Hi Richard, Nice to see Moonduster, she is up in Norway in a sorry state of mind, tempting to make a move but I now the work and all the efforts with such a new project... Anyway, Flirt is fine, I have been working on some redecoration at home in the fall so there has not been time for her. Started just last weekend and will prepare her for an early splash and visit to Breskens in August for the 1-ton cup. Truck her down and sail home is the plan. //Lars