23 February 2017

Jamarella (Farr 50)

The 1989 champion Admiral's Cup yacht, the Farr IOR 50 Jamarella (Farr design #213), has recently been listed for sale on Yachtworld (here).
Jamarella mixing it up with two other Fifties at a leeward mark during the 1989 Admiral's Cup (Japan's Will to the right) (photo Nick Rains/Seahorse)
Jamarella was English yachtsman Alan Gray's second yacht of that name, and followed his successful One Tonner that finished as second yacht overall in the 1987 Admiral's Cup. Gray had built the new Jamarella expressly to try out the new World Cup circuit established for the Fifties, and because he felt that the TMF changes could produce a 50-footer that was not just a useful Admiral's Cup team yacht, but a potential series top scorer.
Jamarella showed early form in the British Admiral's Cup trials, held in Kiel (photo Christel Clear/Seahorse)
The design for Jamarella was slightly altered from her circuit-racing sisterships Carat VII and Windquest, with rig and keel modifications to orient the boat for ocean racing courses and to suit the slightly lower maximum rating limit of the Admiral's Cup. She was built in carbon/epoxy/PVC foam and Nomex sandwich by Thompson boatbuilders, and was helmed by Gordon Maguire and Lawrie Smith. She sported Diamond sails on a Sparcraft mast, a common and fast combination at that time.
Plenty of action aboard Jamarella as she rounds a leeward mark during the 1989 Admiral's Cup (photo Francois Mousis/Seahorse)

Gray's instinct was confirmed and his professionally-run campaign was rewarded as Jamarella spearheaded the dominance of the Fifties in the 1989 series, with the new breed of these Admiral's Cup 'maxis' taking line and handicap wins in five of the six races, and taking four of the top five places overall. Jamarella led the charge for the British team with a superbly consistent 1/3/2/3/2/4 series that made her top individual performer in the 42-boat fleet (from 14 nations), and led Britain to its first Cup win since 1981.
Jamarella on a tight reach during the 1989 Admiral's Cup (Sail magazine)
Jamarella powers to windward during the 1989 Admiral's Cup (photo Sharon Green/Harken)

The British team was sponsored by The Observer and The Glenlivet, and the team sought to play their part by carrying their logos on their hulls. The first attempt at placing the decals on the hull of Jamarella was, at the last minute, identified as being too far aft to comply with the tight regulations that were then in force. Leaving nothing to chance, the letters behind the line 18ft from the transom, were removed to be replaced in a compliant mid-ship position after the first race (photo below).
After the 1989 Admiral’s Cup the Fifties gathered again in Newport Rhode Island for the sixth and final event in the 1989 World Cup. Jamarella was shipped over from England and finished third.
Jamarella slips along in light airs during the British trials (photo Rick Tomlinson/Contender)
Jamarella arriving at (above) and leaving (below) Lymington Marina during the 1989 Admiral's Cup (photo Shockwave40 blog)

Jamarella is now based in the Netherlands - more photos can be seen in the Yachtworld link above..
Recent photos (above and below) of Jamarella (Yachtworld)

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