23 February 2013

1987 Admiral's Cup

1987 was the year in which New Zealand finally won the Admiral's Cup, with its champion team of Goldcorp, Kiwi and Propaganda. Britain was second and Australia third. New Zealand's win was the culmination of all the lessons learnt from four previous unsuccessful attempts in 1975, 1981, 1983 and 1985, and marked a growing professionalism in this country's approach to offshore yachting and adopted much of the expertise gained from the 1987 America's Cup campaign. Unfortunately the New Zealand 1989 team of Librah, Propaganda and Fair Share, was not able to defend the trophy, finishing third overall. See the official film of the series here.

Propaganda, Adrian Burr's Farr One Tonner guided by Brad Butterworth, Peter Lester and Bevan Wolley to top individual yacht of the series
Peter Walker's Farr 44 Kiwi - one of the few consistent mid-sized yachts, finishing seventh overall, and benefited from a slight tweak to the time correction factors to swing the balance back away from the minimum raters.
Mal Canning's Davidson One Tonner Goldcorp (ex-Mad Max), completed a solid team performance finishing sixth overall
The X-Yachts Jeppesen design Stockbroker Lief sailed for the seventh-placed Danish team, and finished as 31st yacht overall
The top British yacht Alan Gray's Jamarella (sistership to Propaganda) and the Humphrey's One Tonner Juno. Jamarella had a series-long duel with Propaganda, but only outscored her Kiwi rival in the first inshore race and the Fastnet race finale. Jamarella finished second overall, and Juno ninth
The Dubois One Tonner Jameson Whiskey - sailed for the fourth placed Irish team, and finished 24th overall
The Andrieu 44 Indulgence (Graham Walker) was the third yacht of the British team (eighth overall) - took a flyer in the first race, with unfortunate results, but bounced back in the strong surfing conditions of the Channel Race

Signalling the start of watch-maker Corum's involvement in French Admiral's Cup efforts, the Beneteau 44 Corum which finished in 19th overall (France finished eighth)
Irish Independent Pelt, the former Full Pelt, a Dubois One Tonner and the top boat of the Irish team (fifth overall) after sailing a blinder of a race in the Fastnet finale
Juno was involved in a collision in the third inshore race, resulting in a 20% penalty.
Turkish Delight - third member of the Irish team, a Tony Castro 43 (ex-ItzanotherPurla from 1985), finished 17th overall
Saudade, a Judel-Vrolijk One Tonner and member of the defending German team that was unable to repeat their 1985 effort and finished fifth team (Saudade placed 16th overall)
The Judel-Vrolijk 43 Blue Yankee - part of the US team that finished sixth overall. Blue Yankee had a disastrous Channel Race when her rudder fell to bits, and finished the regatta in 32nd place. 
Mean Machine, a Farr One Tonner finished 29th overall

CGI, an Andrieu One Tonner, finished 30th overall

Another Judel-Vrolijk One Tonner, this time I-Punkt, which sailed for the Austrian team that finished ninth overall - the boat finished 21st overall but was later embroiled in controversy after revelations about the illegal use of water ballast and subsequently disqualified.

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