8 July 2013

1982 Clipper Cup

Here is the official documentary from the 1982 Clipper Cup, hosted by the Waikiki Yacht Club, and includes some great sailing footage from this fantastic venue - the 1982 series was a particularly windy regatta and affected by the remnants of two hurricanes in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands. 
Japan's Tobiume - overall top individual yacht of the series and winner of Class E (photo Alastair Black/Seahorse)
Australia's Margaret Rintoul III finished in 7th place overall and 2nd in Class B, and part of the second placed Australian team (photo Bruce Brown/Yacht Racing/Cruising)
The video includes such yachts as Kialoa IVCondor and Windward Passage slugging it out in the Maxi class, as well as many other top yacht racers of the time such as Great Fun (Davidson 50 shown in the video thumbnail)Police Car, HitchhikerBravura, and Super Witch. The second race in particular was held in very fresh conditions - look out for some nice rolling downwind, broaches, errant bloopers, split spinnakers and broken masts.
Kialoa IV on port tack approaches Condor on starboard
Condor of Bermuda just to leeward of Kialoa (photo John Malitte/Sea Spray)

Jumpin Jack Flash surfs in towards a leeward mark (photo Charles P LeMieux III/Yacht Racing/Cruising)
The regatta was won by the US Blue team of Kialoa IV, Bull Frog and Great Fun. Both New Zealand teams (which included Southern Raider) were off the pace, and unfortunately the top New Zealand yacht, 15th placed Jumpin' Jack Flash, was an individual entry. 
Great Fun rounds a leeward mark during the 1982 Clipper Cup
US yacht Irrational (ex-Forte) heads downwind, with New Zealand's Solara  heading off on port (photo Doug Peterson Tribute page)
Australian team yacht Hitchhiker

Anticipation (NZ), finished 17th overall and 6th in class (photo John Malitte/Sea Spray)
Uin-na-Mara, well reefed down, crosses Australia's Challenge III as the fleet works up the Hawaiian coast just off the surf break

US yacht Bullfrog, a Peterson 55, lead the series with a 2/2/5/2 series, until the final Round the State race, when she lost time with a man overboard and a damaged forestay toggle. She finished fourth in Class B (photo Alastair Black/Seahorse)
US yacht Bravura (first in Class C) leads Australian yacht Sweet Caroline downwind
The Britton Chance designed Glory from the US (photo John Malitte/Sea Spray)


  1. This is a great website but there might be an error in this story.
    The Clipper Cup trophy now lives at Port Douglas Yacht Club in Far North Queensland and according to the commemorative plaque fastened to the pedestal the 1982 winning team USA Blue consisted of Kialoa, Great Fun and Bull Frog, not Bravura.

    1. Correct. Bravura was on another US team.

  2. Thanks LM, yes my error, corrected now. Interesting that the trophy now lies in the Port Douglas Yacht Club, could you send me a photo? (email at top of site)